Just a few days ago, one of my friend after reading some Hindutva Facebook is post asks me, what if there are no Muslims in India ?

Well, I cannot conceive India without Muslim. They are as much part of this beautiful nation as any Hindu, Sikh or christen. The morning of every Indian’s remains void without the euphony of Namaz and moreover many children would get late to reach to school as Namaz still remains their best “alarm clock”.

 The fact that Muslims are so integral to the Indian society that having this proposition is nothing more than a chimera and a dream beyond occurrence.

Not for a moment do I believe that they are conspiring against Indian state nor do they have any ill will for other communities. We have fringe groups, on the both sides, trying to jeopardize our “Ganga-Jamuna tehzib” by promoting hatred to score brownie points.

 Swami Vivekananda once said that if one thinks his religion will be there and all other will vanish then he’s mere a child dreaming impossible things. Your religion needs support from other religions to be sustained.

Every religion acquires something bad with time and to balance that we need to have a few other religions, so if only one religion is there it’ll rot/degrade with time and it’ll be difficult to make progress in it’s from as no another religion is present.

But Why this question ? Why is the question for Muslims only ?

It does not fit the Hindu (not religion) culture of “Vasudev Kutumbakam” and hence is not acceptable. Unity in Diversity is the gem of this rich Indus civilization.

Let me also make it clear – all religions have some faults just like humans have.So let’s not quarrel on whose religion is best or worse and try to live peacefully.