The day was easy to remember as it was Diwali 2015. We had a moderate fight or should I say it was a series of fights which took place over a past time. I was being a jerk by not getting her complete attention for a few months. On the other hand there was another guy who was constantly trying on her and just waiting for me to go. So eventually the day came we both mutually called it quits and only after a day I was hanging out with another girl. Felt relaxed and felt ok rebounds are good, I talked to my ex and got to know she started going out with that friend oh hers who was trying so hard. I was ok with it, felt normal and wished her luck. After a few days I realized that I still haven’t gotten over her. She’s still there, deep inside.
So not being a jerk again to my latest female companion, I tell her the truth and go back to my ex in hope of getting her back. Trying to convince her so that we can start afresh. But time and her new romantic interest had done the job. She refused. After much pleading then and for a month over the vacations, I finally realized it’s over dude. That is it !

So I came to Delhi for my vacations, started working out. Whenever I thought of her I played loud music and just burnt out the anger. Occasionally texting her over the break again pleading was of no use.
So after the vacations, back to the college and again it would be the same environment. It was new year’s Eve and I was lying on my bed realizing that she’s gonna be with that guy, having a night out. Having fun, I would have been there. I slept off nevertheless pledging that it’s time to really really forget her and move on. January 1, 2016, it was around 1 PM and I just came back after picking up my friend from the railway station. And here I see my ex again coming back after the night out with that guy. The guy leaves and then I literally freaked out and was like ? Why ? Oh lord why ?
Then she was ignoring me and walking away but I couldn’t control and just called her back. She turned and we talked for a while. It was more pleading from me and she threw in heavy sentences like A BROKEN GLASS JUST CANNOT BE REPAIRED etc. etc.
So finally I turn around crushing a water bottle in my hand, grinding my teeth, plugging in earphones and shouting good-bye.
So now the real post-breakup story begins.
I came back to my room, shed 9.5 tears for the very first time, punched the bed, drank a bottle of water, washed my face and said to myself, happy new year Avish.
Then for a guy who hates reading, I started writing a book the very same day. I just started typing out the whole journey with her and planned to publish it as a book. It obviously won’t be helpful for me to forget her but then I realized, let’s just use it as an opportunity to achieve something.
After that day I went on a road trip with my friends, started studying for the very first time in 3 years of engineering, acted in a short film, working on another short film,started cooking and played football every day.


  1. Marks improved

  2. Physical fitness

  3. Actually wrote some pages for my book which got me appreciation from my friends and teachers (It’s still not complete, I hope to publish it soon).

  4. Discovered a new hobby of acting.

  5. Learned to cook.

Lessons learned-

  1. Everything happens for a good reason.

  2. Don’t give importance to someone who made you cry.

  3. Achieve something recognizable in your life.

  4. Always work out a little. Play any sport if you are not into gyms.

  5. Learn cooking as it always helps.

  6. When life gives you lemons, you make a lemonade. 

There are days when I occasionally miss her so I save her contact number again, look for any change in her WhatsApp profile picture and status, smile and delete the contact again. Cheat days probably.

Sorry guys for such a long answer and a poor style of writing. Yes you can laugh about it and go on to say that he can’t certainly publish a book but it’s just what I want to achieve.

In short you can say, भावनाओ मैं बेह गया लड़का। I actually did so yeah,
Cheers 🙂