Let me tell you a story:

 Drew and Barry were two brothers from a middle class family. After their father’s death, both came into money as they came across a fortune which was left by their Father, but had never known about it.

 Drew was preparing to become a doctor at that time, and invested his share of money on himself, enrolling into higher studies and specializing in neurology. He worked hard even though he had a lot of money still left from the inheritance, investing wisely , but never going over the top in spending it, or taking huge risks to increase his wealth. He got married to a girl from a middle-class family, had kids, and lived in the same house for years. After he retired from his profession, he reflected on his life one day. His children had become respectable people in society, would come and visit him often, had a good family and importantly, he felt satisfied that he had raised good children, which was his dream, and the money he inherited allowed him to do so.

 Barry was working as a bank teller, learning more and more about the value of money as people came to him to deposit the little money they had. Each depositor would tell him their story of how hard it was to earn money and how they would live a great life only if they had more money. Barry realized soon enough that he was blessed to have got the inheritance, but was worried that he could be out of a job anytime, and he would need to save as much money as possible so that he can live the rest of his life happily. So, using his financial acumen, he started investing cleverly into financial instruments. Very soon, he was one of the richest people in town, owning one of the best houses, cars, and having the most beautiful wife. But he was always worried that his money could run out anytime, and he worked extra hard to accumulate more. On his deathbed a decade later, an old customer from when he was a bank teller came to meet him. The customer said, “Remember the advice you gave me to invest in XYZ company for 2 years and pull out the next month? I did exactly that and I had so much money that I now live the same happy life as I did earlier, but without having to worry about earning much. All thanks to you”.

The moral here is, my friend: Money does bring happiness, but only when you know when to stop, and how to use it.