I am a Muslim woman. I am not married, nor it is likely to happen in the near future. For me, it can easily be a non-issue. But, I think it is a big fucking deal.

Here is a photograph I ripped straight from the Muslim Personal Law Board’s website –

 These are the people who are claiming to be representatives of every single Muslim in India, when they don’t even include half of us – women. It seems inherently unfair that they should get a say in the problems facing Muslim women in India today.

These are the reasons they are giving, and just reading through them makes me feel ashamed of the fact that we share a religion.

If men can’t divorce their wives, they will kill them – I think the board is delusional on many fronts. Muslims can divorce their wives, they would just have to go through a proper proceeding. And the laws of this country still remain in force. If a woman feels threatened from this possibility, there is always the law to turn to. But that’s not even the point. Anyone who thinks that divorcing women and killing them fall into the same category is shedding the belief that women are people. They think a wife is an object to be lugged around and discarded at will, which is not the case in their own religion. Anyone who can talk about divorce and murder in the same tone does not understand that murder is a heinous crime and divorce is two people deciding they don’t want to have a life together anymore.

The Male is stronger and female is the weaker sex – Let’s say for one second you are correct. That is simply not relevant here. Do you think the strong can behave as they wish with the weak because your religion does not support that. But hey, if you are talking about your religion, it doesn’t even support the idea that women are weaker – Women in Islam

Court proceedings scandalize women – Dear personal law board, the Indian courts can have closed room hearings. Plus, many people don’t buy into baseless allegations with an intent to threaten and defame. Don’t insult their intelligence.

Court divorce hinders remarriage – No, if that were true, Hindus and Christians would not remarry in India. They do, all the time.

Muslim law cannot be edited – Yes, it can. It had been, for generations. It changed during Islamic empires, it changed during Islamic caliphates, and it changes today. There are thousands of Muslims who don’t buy into your idea of constant laws. In Islamic tradition, it’s called Ijtihad. Don’t use a religious stump for your ideology. Oh, and if you are, be prepared for it to be used against you because the Quran has no mention of triple talaq.


Dear Muslim Personal Law board,

Let’s be honest here. If you really cared about Muslim upliftment, you would be lining up yourself to remove this practice. It is not hard to find precedents in the Quran to oppose triple talaq, or to ensure that women who are divorced get their rights.

You claim to represent Muslims, but the truth is, you have no representation of people like me. You have no representation of women, You have no representation of the LGBT community, you have no representation of progressive Muslims. You have no representation of my parents who don’t adhere to the traditional gender dynamic of a marriage.

You are the ones whose patriarchal interpretations of the Quran have oppressed us. You are the ones who line up to prevent Amina Wadud from giving a lecture at Madras University. You are the tradition that has forced us out of our rights and we are claiming them back.

This isn’t about sticking to your religion, especially not the religion that explicitly argues against inferior treatment of women. This is about your power and control. You like being the authority that keeps people from their rights. You like being the oppressor to maintain your power. You vilify and subjugate, And as a Muslim, it remains my personal duty to fight oppression, in this case, you.

 Not only that, According to Sunnis, if a man divorces his wife in anger or by mistake, the divorce takes place and the presence of any witnesses is not a requirement. The position is very different with the Shia religion or the religion of Ahlul-bayt (AS). According to Shia, a man who wants to divorce his wife should make sure that he is doing so consciously and of his own free will. Moreover, the divorce must be carried out in the presence of two just witnesses. The husband himself or his authorized representative (say agent) can conduct the divorce.The divorce of a woman who is in her menses is not valid. As well, the divorce of a woman who has had sexual intercourse with her husband in the period of cleanness in which the divorce takes place is invalid too.

 So what they claim is totally injustice and what they claim to follow is not clear as well. We are not asking it as a right, we are asking that they way this thing is mishandled should be stopped. This WhatsApp or messenger Talaq should end right away and Justice should be served.

Rest my Allah is watching , and whoever tries to become Allah will be punished.