AAP is a socialist party and it came to power in Delhi with the promise of mass subsidy in electricity and water. With the tariff plan AAP imposed, the lowest rung of the society has certainly availed the benefits. This might in the short term and in a state like Delhi have no serious repercussions but imagine if AAP continues in this manner and starts foraying into other states with the same freebies.


My house help, in spite of being a woman, is the sole earner in her family. When I asked her why, she said they get free food under MNREGA, free electricity and water under the new AAP scheme and there are various other plans which had been put in place by previous governments. This is a dangerous trend for a country like India which is still reeling under the socialist schemes put forth by the Nehruvians. How so ?

We are creating a bunch of lazy people who would not go to work if their belly is full and their basic necessities are taken care of by the state. And who is the government fleecing to sustain such schemes ? The rich remain unaffected but it is the middle class, which wants to live respectfully and give their best to their children, which bears the brunt. If one has studied the tax system in India, one would be appalled to know how much tax flows out of a middle-class family’s pocket. Not that the situation in developed countries is any different but remember that they have higher disposable incomes with excellent public facilities.

Now with polls scheduled in Punjab next year, AAP is pushing the same freebies agenda, 100% reimbursement for crop failure being one of them. Another class of lazy lambs will be conditioned by these socialist policies of AAP. An insurance scheme laid out by Modi is much better as the farmer will be secured but will not absolutely go into slumber and leave his crops untended. AAP is a party of fools which does not understand how an economy works. Who will pay for such largesse doled out by this party of buffoons? The burden will fall on the person making an honest living and contributing positively in the country.

 AAP with a huge coterie of unproductive leeches will take this country to its doom ! The need of the hour is to sustain the momentum of rapid economic growth by luring people to add to the produce of this country. We need unbridled capitalism as of now to make India a truly developed nation. Remember we have really hostile neighbors and with the pace China is progressing, a rickety economy of ours will not be able to stand the dragon’s might. India is well positioned to become a global leader in a couple of decades, lets not ruin our future for a free lunch.