I would like to start by quoting my friend (who btw is from General Category),” Reservation is like that juicy fruit given to oppressed earlier for their hard work but it has now become a political tool interestingly for both politicians and bureaucrats.” Although a reservation is an old age concept inculcated in the times of Varna System in which jobs were 100% reserved for the person who was born in that caste. Later during independence, caste became the main driver and reservation came into the picture in form of favors given to backward castes like free education and housing.

See the problem now is that people who get a reservation enjoys it even though many of them don’t even deserve and the people who don’t get it cribs for it. You might have noticed a lot of agitations, petitions and Dharnas (Strikes) took place in last few years (most of them inspired from Anna Movement). Posts on Facebook, tweets, etc. about asking reservations for Patels in Gujarat, Marathi in Maharashtra, Gujjars & Jats in Haryana, just to name the few, and then many against reservations (mostly by general category people).

Well, we all know this issue is more political than social but how to tackle this political-cum-social evil ?

Well, the intention behind Reservation should be to provide a guarantee to those who are truly in need and to measure that, the only Parameter should be Wealth/Money/Financial Status of the person.

 I know many intellectuals will think Rapid growth will eradicate this evil but that’s a long process which will easily take 10-15 yrs to actually show any visible change in society. I am an ex-UPSC aspirant and nobody can understand this issue better than people like me (maybe I am bit exaggerating because I am a bit sentimental). Of course followed by removing caste based oppression psyche through education and Skill development.

I know the end of reservation won’t happen overnight and, it may take some time. Amending Article 15 and 16 is difficult( i mean their ‘Exceptions’). Our forefathers were separated from each other by ‘Caste Discrimination’. And we are separating ourselves by ‘Caste Reservation’. As a youth of this nation, we should work together to end this social barrier of Discrimination and Reservation to make a better India for the coming generation.

As Martin Luther King, Jr. has said “We must Learn to Live Together as Brothers or Perish Together as Fools”