Reality is people like you see communalism everywhere, Why is the PM or President or any other person holding a National post needs to celebrate all occasions??

Just because a National holiday is being given on that particular day doesn’t mean that everyone has to celebrate it.

This question of yours reminds me the previous debate when he refused to wear a skull cap. Practicing your religion is a right of very liberated citizen.

When Pak cricket team performed namaz on the cricket ground.

Are they giving cricket a communal color??

When our President Dr. Abdul Kalam was offering Namaz, did you ask the same question?

Modi does share celebrations with the Muslims on Ramzan. One point disproved.

Next, secularism is not atheism. If you are expecting Modi to not celebrate a Hindu festival, you are effectively imposing your religious views/ideals [atheism] on a person. That’s, in fact, unconstitutional.

More importantly, Diwali is not just a Hindu festival, it is an Indian festival. It is a core part of Indian culture as it evolved from this land and is celebrated by the majority. By fighting against such cultural elements, you are trying to remove the essence of India from India. That is unconstitutional too.

Modi is celebrating Diwali every year because he is a Hindu and free to practice his own religion/rituals and that is not by any way communal.

By celebrating Diwali with the army, he has boosted the morale of our otherwise neglected Army.

You must understand the difference between Secular and being sickular.

Jai Hind !!!