Nowadays festivals are synonymous with release of big budget movies and most of the people even say this that Big actors like SRK, Salman, Aamir khan have their designated festivals. We all know these actors have no direct relation with the cultural sentiments of these festivals, they aim for maximum public who will celebrate by watching movies. But enough of this propaganda.

We notice stupid publicity stunts which most of the times backfires. I am gonna list few of them here :

1. Udta Anurag Vs Udta Nahlani


Well we all know how this stunt turns out to be and churns crores for Anurag Kashyap.

2. Kamaal R Khan -Karan Johar’s own ally


Although we can’t expect standard from KRK but this is just another level.

But I can’t stop my self….heheheh


3. Our home-grown Pamela Anderson – Poonam Pandey


Remember that girl who said that will take off her clothes if India win the World Cup, well she is now consistent and have got few movie and modelling gigs because of that so yeah, it works out for her.

4. Virat Kohli’s GF getting confused between Animals


Keerthana Prakash wrote – The hell it doesnt matter to me, what you eat throughout the year..But.. dont preach us wat we have to do..Those who are crying their out regarding the pollution for the biggest festival diwali are the one who are indirectly working for an agenda to suppress this.Make it as personal . One ,wheather to go for crackers,dont be a sheep in the herd.I am not here to restrict your food habits.. but dont show your duel nature with your crocodile tears,get a life..

5. Kapil Sharma Twitter skit with BMC (actually to Modi)

Looks like Sidhu was using Kapil Sharma’s twitter account and let out his frustration


But just like any other intentional publicity stunt, it backfired and Kapil got in trouble due to illegal construction. 

6. Radhika Apte – MMS leaker 101(Victim or Culprit)


She is the same girl whose clip was leaked just before she could enter in Bollywood and now with her latest movie PARCHED, she is again in news for all the wrong reasons. Although this movie is appreciated on world forum but I am sure that clip will make its cut to porn site as well.

We all know that actors can do almost anything for publicity, specially who thinks they need it, but I have a limit on this article so ask Google Devta and Enjoy.