BRAHMA-ASTRA was the most powerful weapon in Indian mythology often used as a last resort to eliminate remaining enemies. 

{Knowledge of the Day : Brahmastra was the first example of Voice-activated weapon as person has to chant a mantra to initiate it}

Moving on, as time has changed, means has also changed. We may have Brahmos but that is less devastating than paid and misguiding political parties & media.

Its latest example is Politicisation of Suicide by Ex-military man RAM KISHAN GREWAL in New Delhi, a Sarpanch from Bamla Village, Haryana.

Supposedly according to his family members, he commits suicide because he was unhappy from less pension he received and blamed Govt. fro not implementing One Rank One Pension(OROP). 

Ex-serviceman Ram Kishan Grewal
New Delhi: **File** Identity card of 70-year-old ex-serviceman Ram Kishan Grewal who allegedly committed suicide over One Rank, One Pension scheme in New Delhi. PTI Photo

The whole background has been mutilated by media and mostly by 2 most fake politicians in India, AK48 & Pappu. I referred to these names because just like AK 47 gun, Arvind Kejriwal (age 48) has been firing preposterous allegations with no evidence to back it up and we all know famous Pappu who wants to say something but it turns out something else.

Before we get into this matter deeply, let me take you just a week back from this incident when a soldier was beheaded by Pakistani soldiers preceded by the death of dozens of soldiers who died in battle. We all saw huge cry by public on social networks and news channel but does any of the politicians visited the families of those martyrs.


NO. NONE. Except for Narendra Modi and few ministers visited them on occasion of Diwali. But then after a week, a sarpanch (media politicised it by highlighting him as Dalit Sarpanch) committed suicide at Jantar Mantar and after eating poison calls his son and blames OROP. Although the credibility of recording will be tested by CBI but the question is why did he felt the need to call his son after eating poison (not to forget in drunk voice) and tell him the reason ? I don’t mean any disrespect but I hate when people utilises someone else’s grief for their personal agendas, which both AK and Pappu is very fond of.

But whats the reality ?.

He was allotted pension of Rs. 28000 but due to some technical issue, he received Rs. 23000 (some claim Rs. 25000 on the basis that his discrepancy was of Rs. 5000). So he wrote a letter to Defence Ministry regarding this and without waiting for it even for 2 days (we all know how slow is a reply from govt. bodies), he committed suicide next day.Secondly, as per reports he was under huge debts (approx. few lakhs) because of which he was dependent on his pension. It is very much possible that he was under huge stress as his son don’t earn much and he was managing 16 members joint family.


Although everything will be clear very soon but the way Kejriwal Ji and Pappu has utilised this incident for their political grounds is a new low for Indian politics, not to mention Delhi govt. giving Ram Kishan Grewal MARTYR title and Congress leader Raj barber comparing him with Bhagat Singh is not only a disgrace to country but to earlier martyrs of mother India. (not to mention to all those currently on our borders fighting)


Now many people may think Delhi police is stopping & arresting Rahul Gandhi under orders of central govt. (as we all know they operate under central laws) but that’s wrong or some may think actually its vendetta against Rahul but actually as per Article 20 & 21 of the Indian constitution which gives power to local police and administration to arrest anybody who they think is creating nuisance and chaos in Law & order.

Unfortunately, this is making him a Star and he is getting all  the publicity he ever wanted (even more than what he expected from his Khatiya Sabha)

Well, I don’t know what is worse, politicians doing cheap politics over a death of an Ex-military man or nobody paying attention to the reality of this matter.

 Jai Hind !!