AK 48 (Arvind Kejriwal age 48) has been firing promises since his Delhi election campaign and after forming govt. at the centre, started firing allegations on the central govt. and its governed authorities. Interestingly that has put him and his party in trouble every-time but that does not discourage him for doing it again. As if he likes to be in trouble or more, in headlines.

From claiming that he have evidences of scams and corruption to not showing it when called in courts, he has given birth to a new kind or breed of politics – HIT & RUN POLITICS.

Check out these instances for example :

1.  Latest one – Phone tapping of Higher court Judges

Well we all know with current number of cases filed against him and his party, he threw this THINK BOMB desperately to get a soft corner from Judges and even blamed few judges who he misheard in some party claiming their phones are getting tapped.

2. Planning to raid Sisodia or Satyendra offices & following the raid, Kejriwal had unleashed a vitriolic attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, calling him a “coward and psychopath” while intensifying the face-off between ruling AAP and Centre. New low for AK.

3. Wrongdoings by the finance minister Arun Jaitley when he was heading the DDCA from 1999 to 2013, although Jaitley has filed both civil and criminal defamation suits against him.

4. Conducting raids and using CBI for personal vendetta which he is been claiming from his Delhi election campaign days, of course with no proofs. Most obvious weapon as he has been convicted for corruption charges and CBI is the investigative body of central Govt.

5. Alleges centre and specifically Narendra modi that he will get him killed. Another THINK BOMB he threw to misguide public from the arrests of his MLAs(including new superstar Sandeep Kumar for his famous Favour Exchange Kaand)

6. Most famous allegation of all- Would have done lot more work, but for obstacles by Centre. Self Explanatory

He is the complainant, police and judge rolled into one, who can lay allegation against anyone, pursue the case/investigation against anyone, and pronounce the final verdict against anyone. He can question anyone about anything he desires, but is himself answerable to none. He is the sole Flag-bearer of Honesty, and the only authority to issue certificates of Honesty and Corruption. He has the uncanny ability to use anyone, alive or dead, to his advantage. He is also the master of the art of scheming and carrying out devious tricks/stunt in his quest to reach his petty political ambitions and still have an army of surrogates/supporters blindly overlook/ignore all his Lies & deceits and engrave Honesty on his sleeve. 

Although the list is very long and I am sure will keep on updating looking at the current trend of AK but the worst thing of all is lack of respect both as Human and as Chief minister of Delhi towards Narendra Modi. You may have million differences but you have gotta show respect not only because he is prime minister of India but as a human being as well. The language he uses is not only a disgrace for him but also for his party and this country. Moreover now he sound more like he is cribbing for it rather asking something with authority and stature.

Most Importantly I named this as Hit & Run Politics because every-time he throws a think bomb, & let the media do its work but there are 2 reasons for it : 

  • To remain in headlines and possibly to misguide general public from his failures
  • To attract Anti-Modi votes for future election campaigns.

and we all know what will happen after that. he either vanishes and get sidelined by other party headliners like Rahul Gandhi or Digvijay Singh or he apologises on video. After all he is a Twitter Junkie.