I am very much excited to share the smartest thing I have ever seen in my life. I believe you will like it too.

Approximately a month ago, It was around 5:00 PM IST when my friend and I were coming back from all the way after shopping for his brother’s wedding ceremony which was supposed to be held after a couple of days.

As usual, there was a heavy traffic jam on the roads of Bangalore that made a heck for us. We decided to take a break to have some coconut water. We parked our vehicle and took away to footpath where one aged vendor was serving the coconuts.

This is how exactly the whole scenario was, there was a four-way road likely a circle and signals for each of the way. Two white and Khaki uniformed traffic police were performing their duties. while we were having coconut water, we noticed one of the policemen asked a double seated pulsar to take side the way beside the footpath(nearer to us).

They were so close to us that we are easily able to hear their conversation. It was as follows:

Let’s say P:Policemen, F:First Guy, S:Second guy

P: License ?

F: (took out from his wallet) Sir, here it is !

P: OK, Insurance ?

F: (removed from his bag) Sir this is it !

P: OK ! Don’t you guys know that both the people should wear the Helmet, It is for your safety only. can’t you see that big board

(Wear Helmet Be Safe ) ! Don’t you know you will be fined for this ?

S: Ummm-huh (He was not wearing Helmet).

Before the second guy could answer signal turned green again and the police man soon rushed to catch hold of other riders. (license and Insurance paper of that guy was still with Police).

Taking the advantage of this (After 2–3 minutes of the murmur )the second guy soon went to Helmet vendor to buy a helmet which was just right beside the coconut thela(shop). Yes ! followed on the same footpath.

He anyhow managed to purchase Helmet soon and by the time the police came back to them. the second guy was wearing his brand new helmet.

F: Sir my license and insurance paper ?

P: (Confused face !!) yeah yeah Sure ! here it is please take.

F: can we please leave ?

P: aah-hmm-yes(with the same confusing gesture over his face)

Thus they smartly managed to escape from the situation !

Those guys rather than paying fine purchased a helmet which costs less than the fine. and in fact they utilized that money to make sure they won’t be caught by other policemen next time.

Wait !!!

This is not the end,

Soon after having coconut water and watching this whole interesting incident that went right in front of us, like you all me and my friend(Paying uncle money for coconuts) were smilingly concluded that how smartly they manipulated that policemen,

but before we leave from there,some sound of discussion felt into our ears

it was like:

Let’s say Helmet Vendor:V

V: Thank-you sir

P: (Smiled) What to do, these young boys and girls don’t follow the traffic rules and we know how to make them follow.Instead of paying fine, if they just spend some money for their safety measures, they may prevent themselves from accidents.

V: yes sir, I know.

traffic-shergill-and-manoj-bajpayee-film-promotion_23c84678-1071-11e6-a855-9958039a7c6dThat was the moment with goosebumps all over the body, we felt so proud of the qualities and splendid job of our Indian traffic police, same time we didn’t only realise what and how he had done but even why he had done , the reason behind anyhow described his kindness and smartness also shows how responsible he is taking to his profession.

We looked each other , praising the man of respect, left from there speaking about his act rest of the journey.

Love India, People of India, Servants of India #Proud to be INDIAN



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