Speaking of my childhood, it’s been comfortable, normal and playful. We used to go out for dinner and that became the only important part of that day. Although I hear everybody saying that we should something special for children on this day but nobody does anything. It has just become a Symbolic Hypocritical day now with ministers and schools having functions.

happy-childrens-day-enjoying-graphicTo be honest, Children’s Day has meant nothing more to me for years than a day when we could wear colour clothes to school and participate in competitions. I know it is meant to be a day to focus on pressing issues like child labour and sexual exploitation, but we have never been truly exposed to all that activism. We have only celebrated Children’s Day, as a day to glorify Nehru, without even knowing why.

nehru-and-childrens-dayEvery day some child is abused, raped or subjected to violence in our homes, schools and streets. In a land where Krishna’s birth is celebrated and  the baby Krishna worshipped  it is ironical that a child is abused so badly. We have become a sick society. The happy state of a child is the measure of the society’s mental health. It’s so cruel and unforgivable that you rob children of their childhood and let them grow into sickening adults. Is that what we imagined for children’s day ?  I mean what is the need of children’ day when they are not even treated well. I see children nowadays imitating Salman Khan, Virat Kohli, etc. and if they have become so stubborn that sometimes they even threaten their parents.

I think we should start working on our kids, not like military schools but in a manner with least humiliation and maximum knowledge & wisdom. I heard people saying Children are the future of our country so that makes us the Architects of the Future, Isn’t it?



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