I am following Arvind Kejriwal since when he started Lokpal Andolan with Anna Hazare. I am living in Delhi thus i had attended all the rallies conducted by Anna and Kejri. I had attended many public meetings of AAP. When Kejriwal had launch his party i had donated 100/-rs online and became an active member of APP party. When Kejriwal won the election first time i went to Party KaryaLaya meet with Kejriwal though it was not personal meeting rather it was a gathering of hundred of people and i had shaken hand with few of the leader of APP party that time. I have all the images on my facebook wall which i had taken during these events (as a proof for now :P).


This is me at right side with Indian Flag in first image. These images were taken during a march from Jantar Mantar to INDIA GATE conducted by Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan and party. I have many images during the election results announcement i had celebrated AAP’s win out site the party office.

I have put these images because one can judge me in unbiased way that i am not pro-Modi or pro Kejariwal rather i am a person with open mind and can accept the mistakes and rectify it.

I was the biggest fan of Kejriwal initially, hope these images are enough to prove my point.

Why did I become his fan ?.

He was well qualified and he had talked only about corruption, Janlokpal and Aam Aadmi. I thought,that time that time has come when India is getting free from CAST and RELIGION based politics, which is actually more harmful than corruption.

I thought he is the man with vision and he will change the country and definition of politics. I was in support of him even when he took support of congress and formed Govt. I had shared his first speech in vidhansabha on my facebook wall, it was great. Everything was going fine but suddenly Loksabha election had come and since than i have seen a sudden change in Kejriwal’s strategy. These changes was totally opposite to his past.

He started to act like a typical politician, he started his politics in the name of cast & religion.

main-qimg-22101f7c15612448d35b6f2842531f5f-cAnd become worst day by day.

main-qimg-025a5985306182cd39a5ee32116b3270-cHe was played Dalit card by dragging Rohit Vemula case and when he supported Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid in JNU.

main-qimg-a7a62277dd9f88d6d2cefc9bcdf63a1c-cHe went to Gujarat to support Hardik Patel to play Patel card in Gujrat election.

In simple words, Arivind Kejriwal has lost his credibility and popularity because of his political lust.So what about the documents and proofs on the basis of that once he claimed that as he grabbed the CM office he will put Robert Vadra, Shila Dikshit, and Kapil Sibal behind the bars. Now where these proofs has gone. Why he is not talking about the Shiela Dikshit and his son.

main-qimg-bb84f736998d8826222e68d2b42d4525-cThe timing of allegation is also suspicious.

If he was aware with all these, why does he kept these file secret? Actually, he wants to defame Govt. on the basis of 1000 and 500 notes. But when he realize that majority of the population has supported Govt. move he changed his strategy and raised this issue.

Now let’s talk about Modi, he left his home, his wife and his family, He has donated the amount that he has received in the form of legal salary. Let’s assume he took the bribe what he will do than, he does not have children, his mother lives in a small two bedroom flat his brothers are small shop vendors and Govt. employ.

main-qimg-88cf27a78aa038337d0b6eeb6e0f70c4-cThis is the family photo of Narendra Modi do you really think that Modi taking the money and distributing to these people. If not then why the hell he is taking bribe ? it sounds funny.

At last i just want to say Kejriwal becoming worst day by day i really hate him because he acted like any other politician like Laloo , Mulayam and many more. He played with the sentiments of people and became CM and now trying to fool people.

He did all the political stunts and U-turn in recent past which is very common in politics then how i could believe that it was not a political stunt. I am sure Kejriwal is a liar and he just trying to defame Govt.

                                                                                                 -Sent by JAIDEV JOSHI, DELHI