Janardhana Reddy 

Gali Janardhana Reddy is an Indian politician with the BSR Congress party and one of the richest politicians of Karnataka. He obtained his first iron ore mining license in Karnataka in 2004, when the Congress party led the state government. He has subsequently been implicated in the illegal mining scandal in Bellary and the related Belekeri port scam. In 2009,a Supreme Court of India-appointed central empowerment committee recommended action against Reddy-owned Obulapuram Mining Company.An FIR in the case was filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation. Also, Santosh Hegde, the Lokayukta or ombudsman of Karnataka state, had indicted Reddy and his two brothers, all of whom were cabinet ministers in the BJP’s Karnataka state government at the time, in the mining scandal.

After being arrested and sent to judicial custody, all three Reddy brothers (and the then CM B. S. Yeddyurappa) were removed from their ministerial positions. Subsequently, they broke away from the BJP. While Yeddyurappa formed the Karnataka Janata Paksha (KJP) party, the Reddy brothers joined up with B. Sriramulu to form the BSR Congress party.

Sharad Pawar

main-qimg-d996ce5009c681249be95d558516052a-cThis man has completely changed the level of corruption in Indian history. Former agricultural minister, Mr. Pawar has left no stone unturned to stick to the money of the nation like a leech. He is said to be the arch enemy of cricket lovers as the onset of brooding corruption in international cricket is largely attributed to his tenure as the President of ICC. He is associated with wheat scam in which he was accused of creating a false shortage of wheat which resulted in him grabbing around 1-1.5% of the scam, about 120 crores. He is also said to have twisted land allotment in his favour in 2004-’07. Pawar is also accused of protecting Lalit Modi against the charges that are levied on him. He is also said to have been involved in various sugar and onion scams where he lobbied the government’s money by conniving a lopsided import-export scheme.


main-qimg-23ffa4c70ae71ca0ff0052d383a9d083-cKarunanidhi, the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu has filled his kitty with all sorts of riches. The head of DMK, a Dravidian political party in Tamil Nadu, Karunanidhi’s involvement in scams such as the allotment of tenders for the Veeranam project. He has also been arrested in 2001 on the charges of being involved in corruption in the construction of flyovers in Chennai. He has been consistently accused of nepotism. Allegations were put against him regarding involvement with LTTE in Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination. His involvement in 2G scam in 2012 left the country baffled as to the amount of wealth, he and his daughter, Kanimozhi, grabbed. During his tenure as the chief minister, the land allotment under the Tamil Nadu Housing Board were said to be guided by personal interests.


A Raja

Adimuthu Raja, former Union Cabinet minister for Communication and Information Technology grabbed the attention of the world when he was exposed regarding 2G spectrum scam worth Rs. 176,000 crore. He was accompanied by his mentor, Karunanidhi and his daughter Kanimozhi in the same. Consequently, he had to resign from his post. He is accompanying his corrupt comrade, Suresh Kalmadi in Tihar Jail.

Suresh Kalmadi


This man became a household name in 2010 when India hosted the Commonwealth Games. However, he did nothing for the common people’s interests and just gathered wealth. The Commonwealth Games scam cost the nation a huge amount of money. Kalmadi was the mastermind behind the scam. Only half the money allotted for the games i.e. Rs 7000 crore was actually spent. The huge balloon that was brought for the inaugural ceremony of the games was also a center of controversy during the games as it cost the government about a hundred crore. However, the silver lining to this cloud is that he was sent to prison in Tihar Jail for the same.

Madhu Kodamain-qimg-bc249e18c56b6a7eccb7a04168e28fdf-c

Madhu Koda epitomizes, “where there is a will, there is a way”.
He is a former chief minister of Jharkhand. He was an independent legislator, yet this has never hampered his rise in corruption.He was involved with a scam worth Rs. 4000 crore. He has been accused of exploiting the state’s natural resources in the form of allowing illegal mining. He is said to have formed a partnership with the archenemies of politicians, the Maoists in this case. He is in jail currently, which gives people a little ray of hope that justice can still be met, maybe.


Lalu Prasad Yadav

main-qimg-b7b0cdb15cca6535cb430d7050564287-cLalu Prasad Yadav was recently in news due to his involvement in the fodder scam of early 90s that dealt with about Rs. 950 crore. He is a former chief minister of Bihar, where crime used to be the law. During his tenure, the state had a deplorable condition with an alarming crime rate. He is accused to have given shelter to numerous local goons and bringing them into state politics. He is accused in as much as 63 cases, which speaks volumes about his corruption graph. Like Karunanidhi, he has also been accused of nepotism, but to no avail.


main-qimg-cc82e29c1aa84855711694021c5bbc48-cThe former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, the country’s largest legislative assembly, and the head of the Bahujan Samaj Party is sometimes said to have “institutionalized corruption” in UP. In 2011, she was accused of draining the taxpayers’ money as she had her statues built for a humongous amount. Mayawati has faced criticism from the World Bank itself for not handling the provided loan properly. WikiLeaks has accused her of sending a private jet just to get a pair of sandals from Mumbai. From 2007 to 2012, her wealth has nearly doubled from Rs 52.27 crore to Rs. 111 crore. The cunning ways in which she handled the Taj Corridor make her a typical, shrewd political leader of contemporary India.

Mulayam Singh Yadav

main-qimg-dd57b1e8ba0c17279f013719e99c6349-cNow the man himself has been caught saying “it is OK to be corrupt”! The chief of Samajwadi Party has not been involved directly in any major scam in the country, but he has amassed a filthy amount of money. He is said to have employed corrupt officers. Like most of the chief ministers in India, he is accused of using his power as chief minister for personal motives. He was also accused of accumulating disproportionate assets which involved his sons and daughters-in-law too.


main-qimg-94ceb9ffe893f3d8603fa71a939ec362-cThe chief minister of Tamil Nadu is one of the most corrupt
politicians in India. She has 46 corruption cases against her. The scams that highlight her wall of fame include the Rs. 70 million coal import scam, disproportionate assets, color TV scam, Tansi land deal case along many others. Corruption cases are still being investigated against her and her colleagues in state. A raid in her house and office reportedly led to seizing of goods and gold worth more than a hundred crore rupees.

O.P. Chautala


He is the former chief minister of Haryana. He, along with his son Ajay, was sentenced to ten years in prison on the charges of corruption in this year January. He was convicted for having forged documents to hire ill-suited teachers instead of well-qualified ones. He received bribes for the same. This scam was worth about Rs. 1.5 billion.

I know the list is very long , so if you think there are more who have been accused publicly, please comment their names.

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