Before getting to that, let’s discuss another incident from world history.

The year was 1954. Arguably the world’s most powerful nation attacked half of a small country.

The former had fighter jets, bombs, missiles, napalms, tanks, ships and Aircraft carriers and a hell lot of manpower to operate it.

This country which was under attack, had just got its independence from an oppressive colonial power, only a few years before this attack.

Sufficient to say that, no one can expect those people to fight back against the world’s most powerful military, with their rudimentary weapons and untrained personnel.

What followed resulted in a very long, costly and spine-chilling war which saw everything from carpet bombings to Chemical weapons, Executions to Beheadings and Murders to massacres…

But what happened at the end was even more unbelievable for the whole world.

The super power was defeated and those small people succeeded in uniting their war-torn nation. They joined their brothers and sisters on the other side of the border.

The Super power was the USA and the small champions of this story were North Vietnamese guerilla soldiers known as Viet Cong. (Of course, they had some external help, but it was always their fight to win)

Now let’s not digress from the topic at hand anymore. It is a fact that the US has clearly lost the Vietnam war while fighting the untrained, ill-equipped Vietcong.

What will the enemy see when they come to fight a war against India?

When a nation comes to attack India, they will have to face a nuclear armed nation, with the world’s 3rd largest highly trained active modern military force, which carries with pride, the legacy and experience of fighting 2 world wars, some regional conflicts and wars and many UN peacekeeping missions all around the world.


Instead of an untrained civilian wielding gun, they will have to face real soldiers like these…

Instead of small, low-altitude refurbished planes, they will have to face fighter jets like these…

Instead of small boats with guns, they will have to face real ships, nuclear powered and armed submarines along with mighty aircraft carriers like this…

But most importantly India has a 1.3+ Billion, a patriotic young population which calls it home, a demography no other country in the world can boast of.

If a small nation like Vietnam can beat the crap out of a country like the USA at their home ground, it definitely will be the stuff of legends, what Indians will do to the people coming to defeat this nation.

Now which countries can (be suicidal enough to even) attempt that..?

I don’t think any country with a living population will be stupid enough to do that when they have a lot to gain from friendship with India.

So who can defeat India in a war..?

As no countries will venture an all-out war with India, it is safe to assume that no nations can defeat India.