We have read this name in our history books as Iron man of India for his contributions in getting all princely states and parts of India together to form the country we call INDIA but there’s more to it. Not to mention he got over 562 princely states together with his shrewd and proactive Diplomacy. We even celebrated Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day) on his birthday 31st October, but why now. Why after 69 years ?

Well for that, I have to take you guys to the time when India was about to get independence. We all know that at that time only one party was known to the majority and that was INC (Indian national Congress) or commonly known as CONGRESS.The Second World War had come to an end and the British rulers had started thinking in terms of transferring power to Indians. An interim government was to be formed which was to be headed by the Congress president as Congress had won the maximum number of seats in the 1946 elections. All of a sudden, the post of Congress president became very crucial as it was this very person who was going to become the first Prime Minister of independent India. Gandhi made it very clear to everybody that Nehru was his preferred choice for the Congress president’s position. But Despite Gandhi’s well-known preference for Nehru as Congress president, not a single Congress committee nominated Nehru’s name and on the contrary, 12 out of 15 Congress committees nominated Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, with other 3 opting for NOTA. A shell-shocked Nehru was defiant and made it clear that he will not play second fiddle to anybody.A disappointed Gandhi gave into Nehru’s obduracy and asked Sardar Patel to withdraw his name. Sardar Patel had immense respect for Gandhi and he withdrew his candidature without wasting any time. And it paved the way for the coronation of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru as India’s first Prime Minister.

But why did Gandhi overlook the overwhelming support for Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel? Why was he so enamored with Nehru? When Dr. Rajendra Prasad heard of Sardar Patel’s withdrawal of nomination, he was disappointed and remarked that Gandhi had once again sacrificed his trusted lieutenant in favor of the ‘glamorous Nehru’. Was it the ‘glamour’ and ‘sophistication’ of Nehru that floored Gandhi so much that he did not hesitate in doing a grave injustice to Patel? Although Author of perhaps the best book available on Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, and grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Shri Rajmohan Gandhi said that Gandhi didn’t name Sardar Patel for the Prime Minister’s post because Patel was very ill and old & he belonged to Gandhi’s generation, Jawaharlal was leading to next generation.Well only Gandhi can answer that but why did they neglected his works & efforts and never appreciated his contributions. He was given Bharat Ratna posthumously after 42 years of Death and after 38 years of the institution of Bharat Ratna Award is a proof of that.

 A true Indian after knowing Patel can never ignore his contributions and I think that is why now Narendra Modi is pursuing Indians to unite against the political & social evils for India to become Superpower with Sardar Patel as his mentor, which is clearly visible by his actions like erecting Sardar Patel Statue which is still under construction and celebrating Unity day on his birth anniversary.

But after seeing and experiencing, what Gandhi family had done to our country (by Gandhi family I mean family of Indira Gandhi i.e. Nehru family)If Sardar Ji was a PM, then there wouldn’t be Indira Gandhi as PM, although she was a daring PM, but 1984 riots would have been avoided. Which would have resulted in no sympathy voting for Rajiv Gandhi, means no sympathy voting for Sonia Gandhi, means no 10 years of “rubber stamp PM” i.e. Manmohan Singh, means Congress would have been in better position than it is in present with much more logical and intelligent leadership than Rahul Gandhi.



I wanted to be unbiased in this article and that is why I avoided going into conspiracies and allegations but now India is in good hands.

Jai Hind!!!