Well we Delhites know Arvind Kejriwal since he used to weigh 50-55 Kgs., used to wear slippers ,was commander of Anna Hazare movement and used to give a hard time to past scammers like Sheila Dixit, Rahul Gandhi,etc. Although he has gain weight, the movement is over(with no accomplishments) and now wear sandals, his habit of accusations has taken an updraft.

Now just like earlier times, he accuses someone , shows some papers stating as evidence like bank account numbers,etc. and then forgets to pursue (or sue). But it was understandable earlier as he was not having his govt but what now ? He has whole Delhi Govt. at his disposal but rather than doing what he claimed he will do before elections, he now concentrates on just one thing only-Narendra Modi.

Although the total number of allegations he has made probably cannot be told. One thing is sure that he hasn’t proved any of them. Few of his allegations that I remember are:

  • Allegation on Shiela Dixit.
  • Allegations on Ambanis, multiple times .
  • Allegation on Arun Jaitely.
  • Allegation on Narendra Modi about his educational degrees.
  • Allegations on demonetisation scam.
  • Allegation on Narendra Modi that he took a bribe of Rs. 25 Crore.
  • Allegation on Punjab government for compromising his security.
  • Allegation on Congress’s Amarinder Singh for having a Swiss bank account.
  • Allegations on Lieutenant Governor multiple times.
  • Allegation on Paytm for corruption.
  • Allegation on Congress and Shiromani Akali Dal for joining hands against him.
  • Allegation on BJP for shielding culprits of 1984 Sikh genocide.
  • Allegation on Badal family for looting Punjab.
  • Allegation on Modi for taking credit of AAP’s work.
  • Allegation on Modi for vendetta politics.
  • Allegation on Modi for declaring emergency in Delhi.
  • Allegation on BJP for “horse trading” in Haryana.
  • Allegation on Anandiben Patel for canceling his rally.
  • Allegation on Amit Shah for obstructing his rally.
  • Allegation on CBI for raiding his office.
  • More allegations which I missed while I was asleep.
  • More allegations which he made while he was asleep.

The list is in random order. None of these were proved, obviously. He keeps proofs for all these allegations somewhere I am sure. He must have classified them “top secret” as once someone demands the proof, they vanish.

If you believe that he has “no powers” and “no investigation agency in his control” and therefore he cannot file cases and prove his allegations, you should know this:

In 1975 an ordinary citizen with “no powers” filed a case in Allahabad High Court. The court then acting upon this case declared the “Prime Minister of India” disqualified for holding the post. The man with “no powers” and “no investigation agency under him” was freedom fighter Raj Narain. The Prime Minister was Indira Gandhi; undoubtedly the strongest Prime Minister ever in the history of India.

Similarly I too have proof against Kejriwal. See…main-qimg-11cc50b5218d6dccb1c14a658b610209-c