Where everybody nowadays is spinning over demonetization and govt scams, biggest scam is hiding in the plain sight and the crazy thing is we all are part of it. Some are culprits and other victims but everyone is contributing their bit. Do you have any idea what I am talking about ?

SOCIAL MEDIA. Yes, you heard it right. Let me explain.

When you are on the internet, you all see communal and abusive posts. Hundreds of people favouring a particular political party or a personality and abusing others who opposes them.  Do you know, all of a sudden from where all these people have come to all the social media websites and spreading hatred?

smm1Actually, these people are part of IT cells. The strength of these people is not more than 20 but, each person has ‘n’ number of fake id’s through which they comment and create an illusion that whole India is supporting or abusing someone.These ids are also used for trending particular topics on twitter. Thousands of tweets are posted through these fake id’s to make any topic trend. So actually, there are thousands of such id’s on social media websites which are part of this social media scam and are used for propagating the propaganda. You can easily check this by opening the ids of the people who are commenting on Indian news pages on Facebook. You’ll find maximum id’s fake. Most importantly, These IT cells also make fake news in the form of pictures or false tweet screenshots and circulate them. This is the very dangerous trend. Never believe such things and clarify with reliable sources like news channels websites (not google).

Moreover, some political parties have even purchased some popular pages of Facebook or pays money to the admins of some popular pages for each post which supports them.

Such IT cells also take money to make any video or picture go viral. 

Although Social media is great platform for spreading a good word about someone or something but now it’s been used for spreading rumours like :

  1. main-qimg-f91b98dede74b5879430cca416c0514c-cA Delhi-based dentist Dr Pankaj Narang was lynched in a road rage in Delhi recently. Immediately it was given a communal angle in social media and was made a Hindu-Muslim violence and trends were started like #DrPankajLynched and #JusticeForDrNarang with a communal mindset. Then Delhi police had to come out to clear the air and to stop rumours.

2. This picture was shared widely on social media after the JNU controversy. Later, after the inquiry on twitter, the news found as fake.

3. I am sure this rumour have affected almost everyone living in cities.

Fake 10 rs. coins rumour have spread so rapidly that even my dhoodhwala(milk vendor) denies it from taking straight away and have stopped accepting those coins. When I checked out with the bank, they told me both are genuine and coin with only 10 on the back is coin made before 2005 and with rupee logo is after 2005.

4. A Gujarati businessman submitting rs. 6000 crores of taxes after demonetization who was supposedly the same person who bought Narendra Modi 15 lakh Suit which was later debunked by himself.

5. img-20161110-wa0079The famous girl holding new rs. 2000 currency notes was accused of being BJP leader K.P Maurya’s daughter which was later proved false as he only has 2 sons and no daughter.

6. I am sure you guys must have noticed those hindutva posts with picture of politicians saying something bad about hindus. Yes, all are just photoshopped pics like these.

My only request is that please, do not fall prey to such internet propaganda and use your own brain and wisdom in judging what is right and what is wrong.

Jai Hind !!!