When I wrote the article about why I hate Arvind kejriwal, people started telling me that its your opinion or why are you spreading hatred against him, etc. So I asked people around my locality and I have summarized their views here.

Let’s start with a fair media check. YouTube is the most fair media I have seen. Because it is not like paid Indian news channels.

Let’s search Arvind Kejriwal:

main-qimg-a1b45a95dd9f37cb5efa4bc81e27f143-cThis proves that he has became a laughing stock.

And now the one whom Arvind always accuses , Narendra Modi:

main-qimg-64291802761b04663a6fdd98c82c7aa6-cPeople are eager to listen their Prime Minister’s speech; they consider it as a serious matter to listen.

How did Kejriwal become a laughing stock?

CM of Gujarat Talks about development in Gujarat.


CM of Madhya Pradesh talks about development in Madhya Pradesh.

main-qimg-c796767e4bea75c41af65f490c1e4b5f-cCM of Maharashtra talks about development in Maharashtra.

main-qimg-2ea0773644a24e307e34a24301805c21-cCM of Andhra Pradesh is talking about developement in his state.


and even CM of Uttar Pradesh talks about development in his state.

main-qimg-f0f73086a4b56b687cf835cf22b28cde-cI checked each and every Twitter accounts of various Chief ministers of various states. I found that regardless of which party they belong to, they show the development of their respective States.

Let’s see what our hero has tweeted.

main-qimg-c00385b3525b74b5271c863b9df9fd11-cCM of Delhi retweets fake accounts. Wouldn’t you laugh on this? Who retweets fake accounts? I, nowhere found any tweet related to development, nothing even closely related to Delhi.

His tweets and social media only contains hate for everyone. A CM should focus on his duty to develop his State /Union Territory first.

We still have hopes from Arvind Kejriwal and he still has to go 3-4 yrs so that he can show he has not wasted the effort & trust, Delhites has invested in him .