I have been reading a lot of things in the news recently and the person who making most of the noise(when I say noise, thats about it) regarding Yasin Bhatkal Death sentence is none other than Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi, MP from Hyderabad, the city of Nizams. Yes, the same guy who was in news when Yakub Memon was given death penalty.
Adding a picture for those who have forgotten….

And boy oh boy, look at those eyes ready to tear up anyone or everything coming in his way.
Now being a Muslim & brought up in Hyderabad for 20 years of my life,  I feel I have a fair amount of idea as to who he is and what is he all about.
He is the head of the AIMIM(All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul Muslimeen) which have roots in MIM (Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen) formed by Kasim Razvi. {Kasim Razvi was imprisoned from 1948 to 1957. MIM party was banned in 1948. Kasim Razvi was let go on condition that he would go to Pakistan where he was granted asylum. Before leaving he handed over control to Abdul Wahed Owaisi (grandfather of Asaduddin Owaisi) who restructured and renamed the party to AIMIM.}

asaduddin-owaisiHe started his career as an MLA from the same party for two terms and then went on to contest from Hyderabad MP constituency which consists mainly of the Old city region where illiteracy is more compared to the new city. And he has made a hat-trick of wins for the three terms from 2004 till now. He is a well-read person doing his barrister degree from London.
All the above was the answer for the first part of who is he?
And now I will answer the most important part of the question.
He has not done anything useful for the welfare of Indian Muslims till now. All he does is keeping the communal divide between two of India’s biggest religions ( in terms of population ) strong and intact. He keeps the Muslim population happy by his speeches by getting senseless issues into consideration like the one of hanging Yakub Memon etc. He encourages Muslims to be aggressive against anyone, be it cops or lawmakers etc.
There are many incidents where he publicly thrashed officers and this arrogance of his was hailed by his supporters who behave in the same way.

Following are the newspaper reports.

At two polling booths — No 199 — at Sultan Shahi in Moghalpura, MIM workers led by MP Asaduddin Owaisi dragged a polling agent of the TDP, Saleem, and thrashed him. The MIM felt that the party was not getting the `desired number’ of votes which led to the incident. Saleem is said to be a former MIM activist.
Asaduddin, holding a stick, chased Saleem and beat him until the police arrived and rescued the victim. The incident exposed the claims of the police that shadow teams were following the candidates to prevent them from creating trouble.
Asaduddin Owaisi dragged the TDP polling agent from booth No 199 at Sultan Shahi and, along with his supporters, beat him up with sticks.
Cases have been registered under Sections 147, 448, 324 r/w 149 IPC, 188 IPC and also under Sec 132 of the RP Act,’’ City Police Commissioner B Prasada Rao said in a release.
(Source: Stray incidents in State)

Hyderabad has been the stronghold of AIMIM for the last 3 decades and when you visit the inner parts of the old city region then you will see the roads and the living condition of the people are same as it was 20-30 years ago. I still wonder how people again and again vote for the same party and in particular the same person who doesn’t improve at least their living condition and education among their children.

I had a small hope of another person Zahid Ali khan, the editor of popular daily siyasat, contested against Owaisi, winning the election in 2009. He while addressing the speech had his daughter in the first row of the audience and showing her, said that he wants all of the Muslim girls to study like his daughter and be self-made in her own right. This evoked many expectations from people that the time has come for a change and that too for a good reason. But still, the Muslim community has voted against him leaving Asad to rule them.
Elections 2009: Will Majlis lose Hyderabad? This article was before the result.

Mr. Owaisi says that the Muslim community is being neglected and unfairly treated in all of India. But how many agree with it? Given the right resources and putting them in a correct frame of mind, allows them to achieve something bigger. But he doesn’t want them to think freely about their career or anything other than the community. And when a leader of such magnanimity goes ahead and says things which disturb the community how can they think of anything else. Even though they are not cornered they feel cornered by the below statements.
Yakub Memon being hanged because he’s Muslim: Asaduddin Owaisi

I stay in Hyderabad, where the population of the Muslim Bhai-jans are equal to that of Hindu Bhai’s. Even though they are brought up together right from their childhood, there are still differences between the bhai’s and bhaijans because of certain people. And I feel this should be stopped for a peaceful future.

I would like to clearly mention that ‘He is not the only leader who is playing the communal cards and reaping benefits. There are many other Hindu leaders who by the name of God and their temples have created more tensions than him.’ I feel all the backlash towards one community is unfair. We have to change our mindset for a peaceful future and should not fall prey for these communal leaders.

“Soch badlega toh desh badlega”