With the recent entry in TRPs, Shivaji has reincarnated in the modern era as Truly Hindu King. Although it’s not new that he found himself in the middle of the petty politics, just to impress few people and I mean 3600 crores for a Statue…are you kidding me? With so many died all over India this year because of Hunger, Poverty, Floods, etc. , this statue seems like a total waste.

I am gonna write about that but before that let me give 10 most interesting facts about Chhatrapati Shivaji which very few people know:

  1. Shivaji is not named after Shiva, but after a minor regional deity called Shivai.
  2. His portrayal as a Hindu king who fought against the Muslims is far from the truth. There were several Muslim soldiers and generals in his army, and many of his rivals were Hindus (including his own step-brother Venkoji). Also, he was on friendly terms with Bijapuri generals such as Rustam-i-Zamani of Rajapur.In fact, his personal bodyguard was Jiva Mahale who was from a lower caste who was very close to him.
  3. He never demolished any sculptures or shrines of any other religions. I think people who claim to be his followers should learn this from him.
  4. He is considered as True Architect of Guerilla Warfare in India which is the main reason he stayed undefeated till the end.maxresdefault-2
  5. Often considered as Indian Robin Hood, he was a real hero for poor peoples, a real leader to resolve problems of needy people because of which he was known as “Rayatecha Raja” means “King made by People & made for People”.shivaji-maharajHe never overspent empire’s money on useless things.
  6. He believed in simple living and did not spend any of his resources on projects designed for self-aggrandizement or vanity unlike other Hindu and Mughal rulers who used to live in lavish forts, his Raigad fort is a clear example of it.
  7. He has known for his GOMUKHI ENTRANCE which are curved entrances to his fort which has a strategic importance as it was impossible for the elephant to gain speed thus ensuring the safety of the fort.

    The added advantage was that the enemies couldn’t see the entrance from far away and Surrounding bastions were used to pour boiling water/oil on the enemy troops.

  8. He kind of initiated the Cabinet system of Ministers with specific profiles in Hindu kingdom which were known as ASHTA-PRADHAN which comprises 8 ministers from profiles like Defence (headed by Peshwa), Finance(by Amatya), etc.
  9. There was also a rumor that Shivaji has magical powers and can disappear and appear but actually this illusion was created because of his swift moves.
  10. He was well-versed in not only Hindu religious texts but in Quran too and when he used to send threats to Mughal rulers and officers, he often used to quote its Aayats.

I remember this saying of his from our textbooks that:

“A true king knows how to win even when the battle is lost. A true king knows how to live even when his life is lost.”

A king like Shivaji will always live in our hearts.