The year 2016 has been rough, to say the least. But, as we look forward to the New Year, let’s try to leave the negativity behind and step into 2017 with a good attitude — or the best attitude we can muster.We observed some of the most amazing moments of this century and observed some of the greatest events. After all SADI KA SOLWA SAAL KHATAM HUYA HAI (Century’s sweet sixteen has ended), so its has to be memorable.

Although there were countless events that took place all around the world but I am mentioning only those which I think had ‘Larger than Life’ effects on people.

  1. Pokemon Go : A gaming app based on Japanese Pokemon Animation series which took world with a storm. With 100 million+ downloads in just 1st week, its shattered al the previous records and even Vloggers started video logging about their experiences.
  2. iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel : apple launched its 7th iphone which was tackled by google’s Pixel but what was funny that the fight was actually won by Samsung S7. But  samsung was not happy, when their latest Note series phone started giving nightmares to their owners after news of Samsung Note 7 Blowing up because of which they had to return all the shipments
  3. Demonetization : When Narendra Modi addressed the nation on 8th Nov 2016, many were thinking that its everyday’s usual bt when finally he announced hat currency notes of denomination of 500 and 1000 will be terminated, it’s true that it gave serious heart attacks to many for obvious reasons. It created typhoon to some extent in life of every indian but strangely everyone took it optimisticly despite of some shamless attempts of Kejriwal and Mamta bannerjee to instigate public. Overall it turned out well.
  4. Sakshi Malik & P.V. Sindhu : Wrestling and Badminton has not been India’s best sports in Olympics but when 2 girls (I am not being a hypocrite, its just that girls in india are not given enough opportunities) got medals in RIO Olympics 2016, it actually made every indian proud. Not to mention, Sindhu become the first indian sportsperson who has won silver in badminton and in any sports.21-sindhu-malik
  5. ISIS entered Europe : When they were confined in Syria and Iraq, nobody was bothered but it took death of almost 1000+ people(collectively in all the attacks) to actually wake them up and forced them to do something about it on world forum. Most recently being the assasination of Russian Ambassador by a Syrian Security personnal in Turkey in front of media.56a617d97fba8_isistarget443
  6. Virat Kohli : Well this list can’t be complete without Virat and his contributions in Indian cricket both being a batsmen and Test Captain of Indian Cricket team. Although he was in news for non-cricketing reasons (Anushka Sharma wink..wink.)
  7. Narendra Modi : Although people would have thought Demonetization sections covers modi but TIMES PERSON OF THE YEAR deserves this special place. He spent most of its year with Mann ki Baat and annuncing schemes for poor but made headlines with Demonetization speech and Rahul gandhi mimicry speech.If you haven’t watched it, check out this link.
  8. Arvind kejriwal : from dedicated honest person to nautanki baaz and Modi-bhakt(sarcastically saying), he has turned its basis of Politics upside down and where general public was his prime concern, that has been shifted to Narendra modi. I guess this is why he didn’t took any ministries so he can concentrate on expanding AAP in other stated and targetting modi.
  9. TRUMP CARD in US politics : nbc-fires-donald-trump-after-he-calls-mexicans-rapists-and-drug-runnersFirst time in US history someone with no political background, became nominee for US President and won against a experienced candidate Hillary Clinton. Even she became the first women nominee for presidential elections. His win even made people loose their image as they bet that if he won, they will leave US and he won and they didn’t left.
  10. SONAM GUPTA BEWAFA HAI : it became #1 Social trend and even reached to top 5 searches on google. Although nobody new who started it and who is Sonam Gupta but that didn’t stop Twitterati and Facebookers to write that on anything they find their hands on. I even saw it on toilet cover. sonam-gupta-bewafa-hai

Few important mentions : URI terrorist  attacks, Muzaffar wani encounter, cornering Pakistan for its terrorist agendas and Death of Famous boxer Mohd. Ali.

Trust me: If we gave the positive things in life nearly as much screen time and brain space ,as we do the negative things, we’d all feel a lot different about this past year. Instead of holding on to the pain, shift your attention and the good stuff will come into focus.

1-newyear-resolution-quotesI wish all our Subscribers, viewers and bloggers an Amazing New year 2017 and hope for great health, better perspective and wisdom to understand what is right and wrong.




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