When asked about Modi’s work as PM till now, people usually give facts provided by either NSSO or by central govt ministries themselves, which are most of the time far fetched from the ground reality. I know that there are many subjects which comes under state periphery but its central’s responsibility to see how the resources provided by them to states are been utilised. reasons-why-500-1000-notes-banned-by-modi-768x736-768x646
No matter how much people praise demonitization, although it was a noble decision and a brave one I tell you that, but if you measure its efficiency to curb corruption and terrorism in scale of 1 to 10, its 5.

Well,Let me explain.

  • The approx. total of black money is 60% in real estates, 15% offshore deposits & investments, 10% in share market & other liquidities, 10% in precious metals & jewellery & 5% in physical currency. Do you see where I am going with this ?
  • Extent on Naxalism is massive but other militants have found their way arounds too quickly. There have been many arrests and names like Paras lal Lodha, Rohit tandon, Mahesh shah have been arrested with unaccounted money reserves of approx. total of 350 crores (excluding mahesh shah discosure of 13860 crores). Checkout this video for info.
  • Politicians are cribbing about how common man, whose majority exchange is in cash, is getting affected. I even saw Asad-ud-din Owaisi saying that BJP is doing partiality by depositng money in banks & ATMs in non-muslims and in providing loans to muslims. Even though all the facilities have been provided with Jan Dhan Scheme, people just dont want to deposit money in banks in the fear of taxes and when something like this happens, they accuse govt. for not providing enough facilities to manage such decisions. Click here to found out real culprit of corruption

We usually make perceptions purely on the basis of what media portrays and since we consider them more credible source of info, we let them overpower our personal experiences and then take decisions accordingly. Until and unless they curb the biggest problem of india which is Good intent of a citizen, you will not be able to change India, no matter how many policies & schemes you introduce.

I may sound like I am against Modi but trust me I am not. I mean perception of people towards the central govt. is changing for sure, which is a start and now even people have expectations and ambitions from the central Govt.and they have realized how to fight for it. Thats a big change according to me. We observed a silent PM before him that is why when modi interacts with people more often, we feel that we are important now, although it was there duty all along.

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But for me the biggest change by far would be the perception of the world towards India and Indians. He not only became India’s PM but for the first time in India’s History, he became a Brand Ambassador for Indians for whole world. Just like a son is recognized by his father in his/her early age, now Indians are being recognised because of Narendra Modi. Trust me, I travel a lot.

And since its a Positive perception, its has positive effects on India in terms of FDI, business developments and because CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) has been made mandatory, it has Positive effects on society as well.

So all in all, I would say that India is on its Golden path and if we keep our conscience clear and our intentions pure & pious, India will lead the world for sure.ftilogo-new-300x183


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