Indians have a history of over 4000 years which gives us maximum experience in Worldly affairs. We have seen all, Wars, Monarchism, Intellectuals, Patriots, Sages, Leaders, Brither in arms, Women Empowerment and in modern world we have observed the biggest change of all, CHANGE IN CULTURE.

With population crossing over 1.25 billion, all religions living together and with such vivid culture, there are things which Indians are collectively doing and has become a Trend now.

Being a Selfie Freak

We hear it almost everyday that some girl or a boy died while taking selfies. isn’t that enough to tell you that don’t be Selfie Fanatic. Once in a while is OK but always posting Pout Selfies will surely gonna win you few extra laugh, thats for sure.

Being Selfish and calling it a Charity :

Although Human has been selfish since its evolution but now with increase of materialism, they are looking for profit in every single thing. Even in doing Charity, people thinks of tax rebate, black money, etc. and its not just that. Taking from someone malciously and then giving it to charity will do no good. Be it taking from environment.

Copying bad things from Western culture and loosing our own culture, thinking its Cool & Stylish :


You call it being cool or Kickass, I call it Nakalchi bandar.

Comparing HDI index rankings with countries smaller than Maharashtra and UP and then making policies accordingly : 


Checkout the top 5 countries. I see lot of articles in daily newspapers where our so called intellectuals blame indian policy makers and then to make a point compares us with countries like Sweden, Switzerland,etc. on the basis of Human Development Index Reports. which are even smaller than Maharashtra or UP in size and even smaller than Delhi or Mumbai in terms of Population. Shall we switch over then?

Adapting to Digital drive of Narendra Modi : 

digital-indiaThis one is actually good because this will give us a common platform with the world and will help all our coming govts. to formulate policies accordingly.

Thinking Indians can become World Superpower :

Whether Indians living in India or in Diaspora, all are collectively working towards their own betterment which in turn collectively working towards India’s betterment. I call it POWER CYCLE.


“After Independence, we are collectively working towards making India not perfect but a Great nation.”



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