Although its rightly said that best feelings are those who don’t need words to describe them but I am a North Indian Delhite and we are known for using short phrases to transcend feelings.Most of the times, they can be a life saver, if you know what I mean, wink wink?

Kya haal hai (How are you) : the most common phrase used by indians, can differ in different languages but the main thing remains the same.

Chal thik hai (That’s OK) : Most of our telephonic conversation ends up with this phrase, although in english it has different meaning and in hindi, it has a different sense.

Subzi lete aana (bring some vegetables): These 3 words are burden for most of the husbands who tell their wives that they have left the office and are coming home and suddenly they got shot by these 3 words.1

Kaun Hai bai (Who are you): Most of the time used in a disrespecting way, but still very commonly used.

Main aa raha huun (I am coming): Although this phrase has a double meaning attached but still very important, Specially when you are in need of help.

Salary is credited (Salary daal di gayi hai) : Well only a working class employee can tell how thrilling and satisfied he feel when he see this message either on his cellphone or in email. Specially for call center employees : 14681883_425421924248614_5900384015328054507_n

Ladki/Ladka huyi hai (It’s a Girl/Boy) : Only phrase that brings an utter happiness to the whole family, specially to Grandfathers and Grandmothers. There is a saying that ” ASAL se jyada MOOL pyara hota hai (Interest is more lovable than the principal, comparing principal with their son/daughter and interest with their Grandson/Granddaughter).funny-names-of-south-indian-movies

Kal Milte hai (let’s meet tomorrow) : Most of the collegues end their daily conversation with this phrase, mostly used with a prefix CHAL/BHAI/TAKE CARE.

India Jeet gayi (India has won) : I wonder why we say India jeet GAYI not GAYA but anyways these are the words which every Indian cricket lover desires and most of the time our players don’t dissapoint either, but I wonder why we only use it in group games, why not in Olympics or CWGs when a Indian athlete wins a medal. t1larg-india-crowds-celebrate-afp-getty


Lights,Camera…Action : Without these 3 words, a movie can’t be made and with the help of these words only, you identify who is the Director of the film.


Mera Bharat Mahan (My India is Great): With this Patriotism filled in evry true indian veins from the Nursery itself when we sing our national anthem, we are told this phrase atleast zillion times, isn’t it?

and in the end the most important of all,

I Love You (no need for hindi translation, right?) : Although nowadays these 3 words are been used for almost everything and out of all the phrases, you need to gather all of your inner strength and have to check the perfect timing to deliver it Perfectly.

If you guys think I have missed out any other 3-words phrases, then please comment that below so I can add them up.

PHIR MILTE HAIN (Let’s Meet Someday) !!!!


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