Well Life is all about bitter truths isn’t it? We are told that life is a fairy tale and even though there is Good and Evil but good happens with good people only. But then you turn 11 and enter in adulthood and everything seems like in reach, be it good or evil.

Slowly all the bitter things starts to come out.

  • You find out that Love is a 2-way thing and if you love someone that does not mean they will love you back.
  • When you are about to decide what you want to become in future, we decide not on the basis of our dreams or which is the best profession which suits our abilities but which is the highest paid careers or which will give you enough social status so you can utilize for future favors.
  • Quite often a man hear this from his mother that “ Beta, ab main kapde dhote aur bartan dhote huye thak jaati huun, ab shaadi karle” (Son, Now I am not able to wash utensils or clothes, so please marry and get me a daughter in law) in way telling that get me a daughter in law-cum-maid who can do all the chores.
  • After that when you want to get married, you find out that your status decide how much you can ask for dowry and what kind of girl you can marry.
  • (I am telling this fact on my experience so dont judge me, although I am not married) No matter how educated you wife is, she still wants to live separate from her in laws, well at least most of them. Way to go Modern Generation !!quote-chanakya-there-is-some-self-interest-behind-every-friendship-46169
  • Slowly you also find out who are your real loved ones and who actually care for you. You even finds out that people who builds our homes are Homeless themselves.
  • The more you earn, the more will people respect you even if you are actually a smuggler or Don. Ever heard of Atique Ahmed or Raja bhaiya? You are even considered Lok nayak. What a Joke??
  • Its very rare to find people who are compassionate and selfless and if you found one, keep it to yourself. Thats why it is said that life best lessons are often learned at the worst times, isn’t it?

Although Life is about bitter truths but thats where you come in as a intuative human being and convert those truths into good moments, because sometimes you’ll never know a true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

quotes-the-truth-is-that_6094-4                        So life is what you make of it, so make it good !!!!