I saw a suicide note in an article which says: “I’m going to walk to the bridge. If even one person smiles at me on the way, I won’t jump.” But he jumped.

This may be hearsay or a hoax, but the point hit me just as hard either way. Are we that cruel? have we become so incompassionate towards life?

One of the shortest yet most horrific line that I’ve ever seen in a movie whci still give me chills –


Remember this scene?

Taken from movie 3 Idiots, where they show a college student hangs himself unable to take the pressure of studies. He scribbles this on the wall before dying.

But WHY ? Why people loose faith in life? Be a Religious person or an atheist, Life is dear to both. Its the one mistake you most of the time won’t live to regret.

As per the latest research,top reasons why people commit suicide are because people are depressed, impulsive, psychotic, terminally ill, by accident (an intended cry for help, to communicate one is suffering, autoerotic asphyxiation), and/or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. But I think , whats my read on suicide is that most of the people doesn’t want to die, they just want the pain to stop. So now we have the source. But how can we avoid it ?

Have you guys heard of a movie ALIVE INSIDE ? Its a Documentary made into a movie, which shows how Old people, most of them are Alzheimher patients and have lost the spirit in life, are revived by MUSIC. That’s right. Checkout this short clip.

Music is called THE QUICKENING ART as rightly said by the the neuro-surgeon. It has a psychological trigger which sends a impression of JOY. I don’t think there is even a single person in the world who doesn’t love music until and unless he/she have a reason for it.

and because of this power, I think Music can be the ultimate weapon to fight not only against suicidal tendencies but the cause of the suicides as well. The biggest example of fight against the suicidal tendencies is emerging of new kind of people who call themselves AMBIVERT. Its actually mix of both Introvert and Extrovert people and you can say its the evolution which is taking over.


” So listen to more and more music that you love, be it trance, rock or R&B. Be it Justin, Honey Singh or Arijit. I bet pain will be behind you and you will feel like that Life is worth giving a Second chance. “

P.S. I know when you feel that pain, music is the last thing that come up in your mind but I am sure you think of your parents or loved ones. You just need to change your mind for just one minute because thats how much time usually a mind takes to calm down. Just hold on for that one minute. I know you guys can do that.

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