How was 2016 By the Way……??

Don't cry because its Over, Smile because it Happened !! Check out top highlights of 2016 which captured your attention for sure.

Why people who voted for Kejriwal have now started hating him?

When I wrote the article about why I hate Arvind kejriwal, people started telling me that its your opinion or why are you spreading hatred against him, etc. So I asked people around my locality and I have summarized their views here.

List of Allegations of Arvind kejriwal is piling up

Well we Delhites know Arvind Kejriwal since he used to weigh 50-55 Kgs., used to wear slippers ,was commander of Anna Hazare movement and used to give a hard time to past scammers like Sheila Dixit, Rahul Gandhi,etc. Although he has gain weight, the movement is over(with no accomplishments) and now wear sandals, his habit of accusations has taken an updraft.