Bitter truths of an Average Indian Life

Well Life is all about bitter truths isn’t it? We are told that life is a fairy tale and even though there is Good and Evil but good happens with good people only. But then you turn 11 and enter in adulthood and everything seems like in reach, be it good or evil. but can you handle the Truth? Let's find out.

What are the 3 words very commonly used in INDIA?

Although its rightly said that best feelings are those who don't need words to describe them but I am a North Indian Delhite and we are known for using short phrases to transcend feelings.Most of the times, they can be a life saver, if you know what I mean right, wink wink?

What Indians are collectively doing in the Modern World?

Indians have a history of over 4000 years which gives us maximum experience in Worldly affairs. We have seen all, Wars, Monarchism, Intellectuals, Patriots, Sages, Leaders, Brither in arms, Women Empowerment and in modern world we have observed the biggest change of all, CHANGE IN CULTURE. With population crossing over 1.25 billion, all religions living … Continue reading What Indians are collectively doing in the Modern World?