What Indians are collectively doing in the Modern World?

Indians have a history of over 4000 years which gives us maximum experience in Worldly affairs. We have seen all, Wars, Monarchism, Intellectuals, Patriots, Sages, Leaders, Brither in arms, Women Empowerment and in modern world we have observed the biggest change of all, CHANGE IN CULTURE. With population crossing over 1.25 billion, all religions living … Continue reading What Indians are collectively doing in the Modern World?

Has India changed after Modi ?

When asked about Modi's work as PM till now, people usually give facts provided by either NSSO or by central govt ministries themselves, which are most of the time far fetched from the ground reality. I know that there are many subjects which comes under state periphery but its central’s responsibility to see how the … Continue reading Has India changed after Modi ?

Next thing we need to worry after Black Money – Benami Property

Demonetization done on 8th Nov.2016 have already initiated a revolution and trouble for criminals but if you had carefully listened to our PM Narendra Modi, he gave a proper hint that what will be his target in coming future and as per financial analysts and political scientists, after trying to curb black money he will attack Benami properties which have equally contributed in black economy.

Banker’s Plea to our Prime Minister

Hon. Mr. Prime Minister I am a banker, so I want to report the ground reality Do we, as a banker, like your scheme?   Yes Do we like the implementation of the scheme?    No Now, why is that ? First day….8th of November….we saw the news…we were happy…..Finally, black money is going to end … Continue reading Banker’s Plea to our Prime Minister