NAJVOT SINGH SIDHU – Cricket Popper to Party Hopper

If Archana Puran Singh (of Comedy Circus fame) is the laughter queen and then only one man can be the Laughter King - one & only NAVJOT SINGH SIDHU. We all know him from his cricketing years where he was known as Six-hitter but many don't know that he was very shy and introvert and often used to refrain himself from speeches and conferences.

Why always Owaisi? हमेशा ओवैसी ही क्यों?

I have been reading a lot of things in the news recently and the person who making most of the noise(when I say noise, thats about it) regarding Yasin Bhatkal Death sentence is none other than Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi, MP from Hyderabad, the city of Nizams. Yes, the same guy who was in news when … Continue reading Why always Owaisi? हमेशा ओवैसी ही क्यों?

Why are we believing everything on the Social Media?

Where everybody nowadays is spinning over demonetization and govt scams, biggest scam is hiding in the plain sight and the crazy thing is we all are part of it. Some are culprits and other victims but everyone is contributing their bit. Do you have any idea what I am talking about ?

List of Allegations of Arvind kejriwal is piling up

Well we Delhites know Arvind Kejriwal since he used to weigh 50-55 Kgs., used to wear slippers ,was commander of Anna Hazare movement and used to give a hard time to past scammers like Sheila Dixit, Rahul Gandhi,etc. Although he has gain weight, the movement is over(with no accomplishments) and now wear sandals, his habit of accusations has taken an updraft.

Urijit Patel, new RBI Governor is Nita Ambani’s Brother in law ? Really ??

After I received several posts about Urjit Patel's wife being a sister of Nita Ambani, I did a little digging on the net and this is what I found: Nita Ambani has only one sister and her name is Mamta Dalal. (Their father's name is Ravindrabhai Dalal). Mamta works as a teacher in Dhirubhai Ambani … Continue reading Urijit Patel, new RBI Governor is Nita Ambani’s Brother in law ? Really ??

Who are most corrupted politicians of all ?

Janardhana Reddy  Gali Janardhana Reddy is an Indian politician with the BSR Congress party and one of the richest politicians of Karnataka. He obtained his first iron ore mining license in Karnataka in 2004, when the Congress party led the state government. He has subsequently been implicated in the illegal mining scandal in Bellary and the related Belekeri port scam. In 2009,a Supreme Court of … Continue reading Who are most corrupted politicians of all ?